Whole Food Juicing With the Vitamix Juicer; Health Benefits & More

In a world where genetically modified organisms (GMOs) inhabit over 90% of our food, it can be hard to stay healthy. However, with a nice juicer (in our case the Vitamix Juicer) you can guard against the assault of unhealthiness that is the majority of food found in today’s stores.

Whole Food Juicing

Whole food juicing is much better than traditional juicing when it comes to staying healthy. The reason is the fact that with whole food juicing, you use the whole fruit or vegetable whereas with traditional juicing you use only the juice from the food and throw the rest out.

Traditional juicing is wasteful and just not as healthy for your body compared to whole food juicing. Because you don’t simply throw out half of the meal with whole food juicing, there is much more fiber and protein in your drink.

Traditional juicing, of course, throws out 50% of the fruit or vegetable and this ultimately wastes valuable nutrients that your body needs in order to stay healthy. Due to throwing away half of your meal with traditional juicing, you end up wasting a lot of money in the long-run. Hence, it is much better to juice whole food, especially if you are on a budget.

Traditional juicing can also be very bad for people with diabetes and is counterproductive if you are trying to lose weight. All fruits and many vegetables have a high amount of naturally occurring sugar, so when you strip away all the fiber from them, your body is basically taking a shot of sugar, without anything whole to help absorb it.

Health Benefits of Whole Food Juicing

As stated above, whole food juicing is much better than traditional juicing because instead of using only half the fruit or vegetable, you use the whole thing and get the added nutrients along with it. In addition to that, whole food juicing is a lot less messy.

With traditional juicing, you only get the juice out of the fruit or vegetable and you throw the actual food into the trash. This can get very messy. If you are a frequent juicer, traditional juicing can be time consuming, messy and disorganized. With whole food juicing, you simply place the entire fruit or vegetable into the juicer and have go at it.

The juicer simply pulverizes the food and you get a clean, organized kitchen as a result. Whole food juicing also helps your digestion and blood sugar levels by providing your body with much needed fiber.

Whole food juicing grants your body many benefits including:

  • Helping you lose weight by increasing your metabolism.
  • Keeping your immune system strong.
  • Keeping your kidney, heart and liver healthy.
  • Keeping your body packed with vital vitamins, enzymes and minerals.
  • Ridding your system of toxic chemicals.
  • Providing nutrients that help your eyes, skin, hair and complexion.

And you can get this done with the help of a good quality household juicer.  For us we use the Vitamix because we like its power and durability. We also like that the company specifically has an interesting line-up of juicers that are perfect for whole food juicing.

Two Specific Vitamix Juicers for Whole Food Juicing

Vitamix CIA Professional Series

  • Blender with stainless-steel laser-cut blades
  • Reaches speeds of over 230 MPH
  • Recipe books, manual, and 64-ounce jar included
  • 7 year warranty

This Vitamix juicer is perfect for heavy-duty jobs. Capable of cutting almost anything you throw at it, the CIA Professional Series is one of the best juicers on the market.

Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend  4500

  • Near indestructible, polycarbonate container
  • 2-speed control, heavy duty
  • 5 year warranty
  • Stainless steel blades

The 1300 TurboBlend is a professional Vitamix juicer that, in a similar fashion to the Vitamix CIA, can cut through fruits and vegetables with ease. These two Vitamix juicers are among the best juicers that you can buy for your kitchen.

These juicers produce healthy results and are in a league of their own. Whether you want to throw a big party and need a lot of drinks, or you simply want to drink some tasty juice in private, these Vitamix juicers are the best way to go about doing it. Juicers are a vital component to any kitchen and with Vitamix you will find it very easy to make those many people ask the question, “Do you need both a Vitamix and a juicer?” and the simple answer is “no”. The long answer, however, is a bit more complicated.

You do not need a Vitamix in order to pulverize whole foods and turn them into a tasty drink. You do, however, need a juicer as well as a Vitamix if you want the finalized drink to be impeccable. While a Vitamix blender does a juicer’s job pretty well, in the end, nothing can replace a dedicated juicer. If you went about creating your drink with only a Vitamix blender, your drink would be very good but it would not be as good as it could have been if you used a juicer alongside your blender.

But when it comes to a Vitamix juicer, there is no competition. Chop, blend, serve and enjoy with just the touch of a button. Vitamix offers only the best in juicers and blenders. A long time user, Jackie, states publicly, “With Vitamix blenders I get it all – taste and health. What better than this?”

If you are interested in evaluating some other brands and types, have a read here, here and here.  And if you are interested in a Vitamix product, make sure you view this link to take advantage of special discounts and promotions such as free shipping.

Commercial Blenders – The Vitamix Advantage Over Blendtec & Ninja

Commercial blenders offer all the horsepower necessary to take on even the most demanding blending tasks. Not only do they have excellent power, but they stand the test of time; blending ice, fruits and everything in between, year after year.

Choosing the Perfect Commercial Blender

Whether you’re looking for a simple kitchen-top blender, or operating a fast-food chain that demands peak performance and reliability, there are a few time-tested brands to consider, of which two are the most sought after.

Blendtec and Vitamix Commercial Blenders are well established industry leaders. Ninja, however, is a slightly newer brand that has made a dent in the market by offering savings over the others. Unfortunately, as with many things in life, you get what you pay for.  For example, Ninja’s commercial blenders are more of a hassle to clean-up and have an extra row of blades that can make clean-up both an inconvenience and a bit of a safety hazard.

Food Safety

Another concern for customers looking for food preparation equipment is food safety. The types of chemicals that make their way into our food can cause both long-term and short-term illness. These health concerns can be mitigated by using appliances and food containers that have received the NSF certification.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) tests common household items, like Commercial Blenders, and certifies them as being free of harmful chemicals or other additives that may cause cancer or pose other health risks. Most modern Vitamix Commercial Blenders have received full NSF certification, which makes their products a healthy choice for your family or restaurant.

Commercial Blender Speeds

Once safety concerns are mitigated, next comes the tasty part! Different recipes and food products require different preparation. For example, ice may require a higher speed or power setting to blend into finer crystals. A simple smoothie, on the other hand, will fare far better at lower speeds.

A commercial blender is an investment in your family’s long-term food preparation. Choosing a blender with multiple speed settings, like the Vitamix XL, guarantees that your kitchen can handle any food preparation task with ease.


If you’re plunking down cold, hard cash for a commercial blender, you want the peace of mind that comes with a guarantee, right? This is one of the areas where Vitamix’s commercial blenders really deliver. The Vitamix Advantage is, on average, a three year warranty that covers your blender from bumper to bumper. Even shipping is covered during this warranty period; in both directions!

If you plan on upgrading your blender in the next three years, then you’re fully protected. However, if you’re like me and hold onto your items until the wheels fall off, then the competitively priced extended warranties offered by Vitamix may be worth considering.

Blendtec, the other big player in the market, offers an eight year warranty on their products. So while the included extra years go to Blendtec on average, many of the Vitamix models still offer warranties longer than eight years with the Vitamix extended warranty program. Again, it comes down to the particular Vitamix commercial blender; so pay attention when placing your order!

Commercial Blenders for Sale – Where to Purchase

The easiest way to order a genuine commercial blender is to visit the manufacturer’s website. For example, customers looking to purchase a Vitamix commercial blender can visit their dealer locator page and find a commercial dealer by zip code.

For added convenience, you can also order commercial blenders online on sites like Amazon who offer a plethora of online reviews from verified customers. Just keep in mind that only authorized dealers can offer full warranties and support for your commercial blender. Checking with the Vitamix dealer locator page, as mentioned above, is always a shrewd decision when selecting a company to fulfill your order.

Shipping Time

If you order a Vitamix commercial blender directly from a Vitamix authorized dealer, you can expect delivery within 8-15 business days with Vitamix Standard Shipping. Vitamix Priority Shipping delivers your custom-built commercial blender directly to your door within just 3-5 business days!

Using an online retailer, like Amazon, you will need to confirm shipping options prior to purchase. Take note of whether you are purchasing a brand new Vitamix commercial blender, or used model. While Vitamix commercial blenders have been proven to stand the test of time, without a transferable, extended warranty, it’s possible that your blender may be past the manufacturer’s 7 year warranty.

Vitamix Commercial Blenders – Which Model is Right for Your Home or Restaurant?

The Quiet One (around $1,000)

As the name implies, The Quiet One is a powerful commercial blender that is currently in use at 17,000 of your favorite coffee chains, including Starbucks! Developed specifically to pack all the horsepower without the noise, The Quiet One is perfect for coffee shops and restaurants where noise is a factor.

With a three-year warranty, you can rest assured that this commercial blender will be good to go mix after mix. The three-peak horsepower engine ensures that the 34 programmed, automated preparation cycles run through any ingredients with precision and ease. With the noise-dampening sound insulation built-in, you may have to turn up your speakers to hear the stellar review of this industry-tested work-horse.

Blending Station Advance (around $1,100)

Another Vitamix commercial blender specifically targeted at restaurant chains that want to minimize appliance noise, the Blending Station Advance packs a punch with 93 variable speeds that have shortened blend cycles on average by 11 seconds.

A three-year component warranty helps keep this unit on your front counter and out of the shop. Getting down and dirty with this commercial blender in reviews has proven to be an entertaining showcase of power and precision engineering.

Drink Machine Advance (around $700)

For commercial smoothie bars that want to have the widest possible range of drinks and recipes for clients to choose from, the Drink Machine Advance is an excellent choice. While louder than the two Vitamix commercial blenders mentioned above, the two-speed, two-step blending profile give maximum versatility and power.

There’s even a programmer kit from Vitamix that allows for bars and shops to expand the six pre-programmed blend profiles to include their signature favorites. Reviewers love the automated blending features along with its advanced 32-ounce container that guarantees a smooth drink from top to bottom.

BarBoss Advance (around $450)

Covering the widest spectrum of potential recipes and ingredients, this automated commercial blender provides an excellent bar buddy at peak hours. Built to handle extra-thick ingredients, the BarBoss is specifically designed to resist overheating.

Liquid Architecture uses this model throughout their chains because of the BarBoss Advance’s ability to handle whole-fruits and fresh ingredients with ease. Reviewers love this entry-level, automated commercial blender with extended blade-life.

Portion Blending System Advance 2.0 (around $2,000)

Designed for the most demanding, high volume customer (i.e. convenience stores), the Portion Blending System Advance 2.0 can handle up to four frozen drinks at the same time!

While this is a newer product, and there are limited reviews available, the Vitamix legacy of innovation can be seen in this model’s ability to dispense the perfect portion size by weight!

Nestle Professional is just one major purchaser that has put this model through the paces as one of their flagship drink and smoothie machines.

Trust the Pros with Your Kitchen

If you’re new to the world of commercial blenders, one of the easiest ways to select a quality Vitamix commercial blender is to look at what local restaurants in your area are using. Large chain restaurants rely on the quality of the appliances in their kitchens to deliver on customer promises.

If a commercial blender goes down, this means lost profits and customer disappointments. With the rough handling and hardcore requirements to keep up with orders, chances are that if a Vitamix commercial blender can withstand a restaurant kitchen, it can withstand the test of time in yours.

A quick visit to the Vitamix site allows you to see a little bit of what makes a Vitamix commercial blender so unique. The largest fast food chain in the world (you probably can guess this one) came to Vitamix to assist with equipping their restaurants with the ability to prepare a wider variety of menu items.

The Vitamix Mix’n Machine was specifically engineered to meet the fast-food chain’s stringent requirements for excellence, durability and ease of use. Today this technology and industry know-how is invested into every Vitamix commercial blender. So that leaves us with only one question, when are you placing your order?

If you are ready, make sure to take advantage of special promotions and offers through our exclusive arrangement with Vitamix by visiting this link.

Comprehensive Review of the Vitamix Vita Prep 3: A Lot More Power and Quick Food Prep Times

Kish and I were at a local food show when we attended a demonstration by one of Dallas’ renowned chefs. At some point in the demonstration, he mentioned he was using a Vitamix blender.

Odd we thought, as the blender did not look familiar to us. We went up to talk to him after the demo and learned that he was using a commercial Vitamix blender. We were intrigued (surprise) and continued to speak to him about his use of this particular blender.

As you would have guessed by now, we went on to do our homework and learn more about the blender. We combined our research and feedback received from the Chef in this article, which we hope will help you if you are in the market for one, or simply want to learn more.

There is no doubt that it is truly quite difficult to determine which blender is the one most suitable to your needs in today’s diverse market. There are many respectable and renowned commercial blender manufactures operating today, providing homeowners and businesses with powerful, efficient and reliable blenders.

So what does it take for one particular blender to stand out among the rest, and what kind of advantages can be expected from using this blender. The focus of this review will be on the Vitamix Vita Prep 3, an extremely powerful yet versatile blender that permits quicker prep times and a range of menu creations.

The Vita Prep 3 is a favorite among professional chefs and respected culinary schools across the globe. This is in part thanks to the incredible versatility and power this commercial blender offers users.

Many professional individuals and businesses alike such as chefs and schools use the Vita Prep 3 in order to create their masterpieces. This blender is capable of pulverizing even the toughest of foods. The motor that the Vita Prep 3 has is among the most powerful in the business, able to chop and dice through whatever fruit, food and vegetable you decide to put in it.

From chopping the most delicate of ingredients, to the blending of the toughest purees, the Vita Prep can do it all and more all thanks to the devices 3 peak output horsepower motor. With this motor, the Vita Prep 3 can blend even the toughest whole-foods, truly giving users the widest selection of foods to choose from. It should also be noted the speed at which the device blends, as it really does reduce prep time by a considerable amount, helping to cement the Vita Prep’s usefulness in the kitchen.

Another evident benefit that stems from using this particular Vita Prep Blender is the longevity, reliability and durability of the device. The Vitamix Vita Prep 3 comes with the same premium engineering customers have come to expect from Vitamix products, ensuring that even during peak operation hours, the blender will provide maximum output and reliability.


With the Vita Prep blender, juicing comes easy. The motor on the Vita Prep blender is of professional grade and is trusted by many of the top-rated chefs in the world. Whole juicing with the Vitamix Vita Prep 3 is easier than trying to juice with a lot of professional grade juicers.

The motor, container, speed and blade design allow the Vita Prep to pulverize anything you put in it and produces the highest quality of juice possible. Just place the fruit or vegetable into the Vitamix Vita Prep 3, press the “on” button and witness magic.

Most blenders break when put under too much strain and the motors are atrociously loud, but it is not so with the Vitamix blender. Of course, you don’t want to put a brick in it or anything, but the Vitamix Vita Prep has one of the most durable designs that can facilitate a blender.

Vita Prep 3 Drinks

The Vita Prep can make all of your favorite drinks with ease. Frozen ingredients get cut in seconds by the stainless steel blades and you can create many drinks in under a minute! Whether you want to throw a party with your friends or enjoy a drink by yourself, the Vitamix Vita Prep 3 can make you smile.

This blender has everything you need in order to create a lot of quality drinks in a short time or just one drink, exactly the way you want it. There are many recipes for the Vitamix Vita Prep 3 and the ingredients required are often very easy to come by.

Vita Prep Recipes

With the Vitamix Vita Prep 3 you have access to some of the best recipes. The blender’s powerful motor and durable blades allow for precise cutting and tasty drinks. Experiment with your own ingredients and recipes or follow some of these!

Orange Juice Plus

¼ cup water

2 medium oranges

¾ cup ice cubes

1 tablespoon sugar

¼ teaspoon vanilla extract

Blend on high for one minute and enjoy!

Apple Juice

¼ cup water

4 medium apples

2 double layers of cheese

Turn the Vita Prep 3 to high, blend for 45 seconds and enjoy!

Pineapple Juice

2 ½ cups fresh pineapple

1 cup ice cubes

Turn the Vitamix to high, blend for 1 minute and enjoy!

These are only a few of the fantastic recipes that are possible to create using the Vitamix Vita Prep 3! For a full list of recipes that professionals and connoisseurs alike can create visit the Vitamix website and locate the recipe section.

Vita Prep Blender Food Processing

Due to the Vitamix’s highly efficient and powerful motor, things that are often unconventional in most blenders come easy to this one. You can take frozen grains from your refrigerator and turn it into warm baked bread from the oven.

The frozen ingredients are literally cut up within seconds and are soon ready to be placed into the oven and turned into warm baked bread.

High Powered Blender

The Vitamix Vita Prep 3 is one of the food industry’s most professional blenders. With a 3 peak horsepower motor and strong blades for cutting, this blender is a favorite among professional chefs and food preparers.

The motor can spin at a top speed of over 35,000 RPM. It’s durable design means it outlasts other brands 3 to 1, even if you use it very frequently. The Vita Prep 3 is very easy to clean and the base needs hardly any attention at the end of using the Vitamix.

Impress your friends, supply the party with fantastic food and drinks or simply use the Vitamix Vita Prep 3 in solitude. Anything is possible with a Vitamix and many recipes are just waiting to be created by you and shared with the world.

A Vitamix gives customers something that is unique in the food industry, value and durability. The Vitamix Vita Prep 3 is a very, very durable blender. However, just in case you do happen to have problems with it, you’ll likely be covered under the warranty.

Product Specifications, Durability, Reliability and Longevity

Vitamix is well known for manufacturing tough blenders that continue to operate far beyond the standard expectancy. This specific model utilizes an advanced cooling fan that resists any overheating, plus the device is housed in Vitamix’s patented high-impact container, able to withstand hard knocks and high falls.

The Vita Prep 3 is fitted with a Variable Speed Control, giving users complete control over the thickness of the blend, resulting in precise and perfect blends. The level of control is so fine, that that Vitamix Vita Prep 3 is extremely popular among professional chefs.

The specifications of the Vita Prep 3 include the aforementioned 3 peak output horsepower motor, which is 120V, 50/60Hz and 12.5A. The blender weighs a total 13.8lb with the box, and 12.2lb without it. The dimensions for the Vitamix Prep 3 are 20.3h x 8w x 9d (inches), which is quite small when you consider the motor’s power output and level of control provided.

The Vitamix Vita Prep 3 is designed for commercial use in restaurants, kitchens and anywhere that needs food blended professional and timely. This blender is not particularly suitable for home use, as it does not offer the same output versatility as some of the Vitamix models designed specifically for home use. Instead, the Vita Prep 3 is the perfect commercial blender for chefs and culinary schools, minimizing prep time and ensuring perfectly blended foods.

How and Where Can You Purchase a Vitamix Prep 3 Blender From?

Although it is possible to purchase the Vitamix Vita Prep 3 from online sources, it is recommended that the device be purchased from a Vitamix commercial dealer. This way, you can ensure that product arrives to you in perfect condition and is immediately ready for use.

The Vitamix Vita Prep 3 is covered by a three-year warranty from Vitamix, with a one-year warranty for labor, plus another one-year warranty for additional parts (including containers, blade assembly etc).

The 3-year warranty protects against defects in the workmanship of parts and will afford you brand new parts in the mail for free. A 1-year labor service contract is included for the motor base. JL Hufford’s Satisfaction Policy provides a 7-day use and evaluation period and many owners of the Vita Prep are covered under this warranty.

Another reason why its beneficial to purchase a Vitamix Vita Prep 3 commercial blender from an authorized dealer is if any components break down and need to be replaced, these parts can be ordered through the dealer.

That said, many people opt for the convenience of shopping online. Replacement parts can also be obtained online.  The only aspect of the process not provided online is a “go-to” point person, which frankly is not that big of a deal as the Vitamix online support team is quite diligent.

Vitamix blenders are renowned in both professional and household kitchens throughout the world for the level of quality. The company is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of home and professional blenders in work today, and they continually surpass expectations with improved technology, features, function and cost.

The Vitamix Vita Prep 3 is another strong addition to the Vitamix family, offering professional chefs a quick, powerful and reliable blender designed to greatly reduce prep time when cooking. The device is fitted with an impressive 3 peak output horsepower motor able to finely dice the most delicate ingredients, and also pulverize tough whole foods that would normally be problematic for a blender.

The level of control given to the speed of the blades in also impressive, and users really find it offers maximum control. This is a hard working professional blender designed to service the very best chefs in the busiest kitchens in the world, and it’s easy to see that the Vitamix Vita Prep 3 can handle the pressure.

Kish and I always toss around the idea of someday getting into the food business. If and when we do, you can bet that the Vita Prep 3 will definitely be a part of the hardware collection!

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